Keeping It Clean in Drummoyne

Chris Wilkins of Ray White Drummoyne says “a key tenant responsibility at the end of a lease is to vacate the property in a ‘reasonably clean’ state. But people often have quite different impressions of what reasonably clean actually means”.

While an agent or landlord is not able to impose their own version of what is reasonably clean, by law, there are a few basic requirements. Chris explains it simply; a tenant must remove all traces of their occupation from the property as well as clean all surfaces. The underlying theory is that another tenant would be able to move straight in.

No-one wants to be arguing about the standard of cleaning at the exit inspection. The agent (Ray White Drummoyne) or landlord is able to withhold the bond until the property is “reasonably clean”, which may involve the tenant returning to the property after they’ve vacated. If the parties can’t agree, they may end up in the tribunal over it.

The simplest way around any potential issues is for the tenant to organise a reputable commercial cleaner for the exit clean. For a relatively low cost, the responsibility for the property being “reasonably clean” then falls to a third party and if the agent (Ray White Drummoyne) or landlord is unhappy, their argument is with the cleaner rather than each other.

The other, non-tangible benefit for the tenant is that they’re “free to get on with the already stressful process of packing, moving and unpacking at the new place, without having to return to the old property for hours of cleaning”, says Chris Wilkins.
Where a tenant chooses not to use a professional cleaner or the property is being let for the first time, many landlords organise a commercial “spring” clean themselves anyway, including a tidy up of the yard and exterior of the home – it’s a tax deductible expense and the property becomes more attractive to prospective tenants.

Posted by Chris Wilkins